Alex Geuken has been active within licensing and SAM since 2008 in various roles, licensing advisory, sam consultant, 365 product owner, licensing sales, and also work for SAP selling SAP solutions.

During these years Alex has had the opportunity to work with all types of companies from all over the world. Learning about challenges, contracts, negotiations, licensing rules, and software asset management.

Session Title:

SAM Best Practice, the plan!

Session Description:

How do we achieve SAM best practice?
I will cover following:
• What are the main goals of SAM?
• What are the main challenges for an effective SAM?
• How to define the best process and policies?
• Why do we need the 1% rule?
• What is the better fit: Central vs. decentralized organization?
• How to improve the time management in SAM?
• How to ensure the management buy-in?

To be able to achieve SAM best practices we need to understand the company’s Goals for SAM? Is it cost savings? Cost avoidance? Compliance? Disocvery of hardware/software/SaaS? Top Tier vendor vs tail end spend?
What are your main challenges? How do the challenges aligned with your goals?

When we have the goals and challenges we apply the processes and policys.

What is the 1% rule and how do we achieve it and why is it important? How does the 1% rule accumulate over 1 year?

Central vs Decentral SAM management?! How to manage it.

All SAM teams are lacking in resources so Time management is key! Where are the BIG wins and where is the big NO NO?!

How do you ensure the management byin? WE make a plan based on our goals and challenges. Plus we add the data that the management need.