Session Speakers

IAITAM is proud to support these industry professionals and leaders as they push ITAM forward! Each speaker will lead a 60 minute presentation, sharing their expertise through real world experience, case studies, and other means to provide you with the best techniques in the IT Asset Management industry.

Scroll to see a list of confirmed speakers for ACE. Click on a speaker to see their session information! We’re still accepting submissions, so this page will continue to be updated. Use the button below if you’re interested in speaking at our conference!

Aamer Trambu

Aaron Cramer

Alheri Adams

Alex Geuken

Beth Kaminski

Branislav Potocek

Carlos Garcia-Moran

Christopher Winter

Dag Adamson

Deanna Hennigar

Felicia Parilo

Francisco San Martin Garrido

George Kocharov

Jan Hachenberger

Maggie Layfield

Mandi Sue Bleau

Max Ablimit

Michele McCormick

Michelle Wescovich

Mike Temple

Patrick Graff

Rocco D’Amico

Rohan Tyagi

Russ Eicholtz

Sam Ulhaq

Scott Bickley

Shawn Stockman

Skot Waldron

Sumin Tchen

Sunil Chandna

Thresa McFarland

Todd Hogan

Todd Zegers

Torsten Larson