Mentoring As A Process

A live presentation featuring the mentor and his protégé!

Legendary singer/songwriter Jimmy Yeary has mastered a unique mentoring process that he teaches corporations across America. With his protégé, Austin Gray, the two provide a rare glimpse into a mentoring relationship as it happens LIVE—right in front of you! Because this one-of-a-kind presentation has become a must-see experience for companies and teams all over America, IAITAM is providing it for you at this event.

Jimmy’s “mentee” is Austin Gray. Currently residing in Memphis, Austin is most often described as “a sweet fusion of Country and Americana.”  A critic recently described Austin as “one of a handful of artists to whom audiences listen intently.”

ITAM: When to Play and When to Stay Away

What do ITAM, magic, Irish poetry, Hollywood movies, a small guillotine, human brain functioning, and the concept of hell have in common? Absolutely everything!

The modern IT Asset Manager has a lot to embrace. Keeping the IT asset inventory up to date, managing compliance, fighting software audits, optimizing costs, and supporting the IT budgeting process, just to name a few. Perpetuating a healthy ITAM business case is another one while dealing with technological advancements, evolving business needs, and shifting landscapes. As new ITAM opportunities arise – like linking up with cybersecurity and lifecycle management or adopting AI in the ITAM process – the ITAM landscape gets more interesting. As well as more complicated. Setting priorities for the next steps becomes more of a challenge every day, for one, because time is the ever-present constraint. Truly maximizing the value of ITAM might start to feel like an illusion over time. But the reality is that these opportunities are very real indeed. Brandon and Johan intend to show the audience where illusions meet reality using real-life examples, anecdotes, movie quotes, impersonations, and (mind-blowing) tricks.