Tuesday, May 9


Deep Dish Pancakes Plated Breakfast (D)(G)
Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice served Tableside, Blueberry Muffins & Croissants, Seasonal Fresh Fruit, Deep Dish Pancake Entrée, Blueberry Granola Deep Dish, Pancake with Warm Maple Syrup, Freshly Brewed Coffees and Assorted Tea, White Cheddar Grits (D)(V), Crisp Bacon, Freshly Brewed Coffee and Selection of Assorted Tea

11:00 AM Break

Bake Shop Break
Chocolate Chip (D) (G) (V), Peanut Butter (D) (G) (N) (V), Fudge Brownies (D)(G)(V), Fruity Pebbles Rice Crispy Treats (D)(G)(V), Purity Milk (D), Freshly Brewed Regular Coffee, Assorted Soft Drinks, Still Water


Southern Flavors Buffet Lunch
Iceberg Lettuce, Grape Tomato, Cucumber, Kenny’s Cheddar (on the side) with Buttermilk Ranch (D) (V), Deviled Macaroni Salad (D)(G), Buttermilk Jalapeno Coleslaw (D)(V), Southern Marinated Chicken Breast with Alabama White Sauce, House Smoked Pulled Pork with TN Chow Chow, Stewed Okra, Potatoes, and Carrots (VV), Roasted Cauliflower Mac and Cheese (D)(G)(V), Southern-Style Brussel Sprouts with Roasted Onions (VV), Jalapeno Cheddar Cornbread (D)(G)(V), Individual Apple Cobbler (D)(G)(V), Jack Daniel’s Pecan Bar (D)(G)(N)(V), Individual Triple Layer Chocolate Trifle (D)(G)(V), Unsweet Iced Tea, Freshly Brewed Coffee and Assorted Hot Tea

3:15 PM Break

Music City Break
Tennessee Hot Chicken Satay with Maple Syrup (D)(G), Pimento Cheese Bites with Bacon (D), Tennessee Toffee Cream Pie (D)(G)(V)(N)
and Seasonal Sweet Tea


Antipasti Display
Parma Ham, Imported Provolone Cheese (D), Salami, Mortadella, Marinated Peppers, Mushrooms, Grilled Artichokes, Eggplant, Olives and Breadsticks (G)
Taco-Taco Station
Served with: Flour Tortillas (G), Pickled Red Onion (VV), Whipped Avocados (VV), Queso Fresco (D), Chipotle Ranch (D), Cilantro Slaw (V) and Pico de Gallo (VV) Pulled Chicken and Beef Barbacoa
Brown Sugar Glazed Ham Carving Station
Honey Glazed Carrots (VV), Buttermilk Biscuits (D) (G), Whipped Maple Butter (D), Pickled Mustard Seeds (VV)
French-Cut Turkey Breast Carving Station
Parsnip Potato Pure (D) (V), Southern Candied Yams (D) (V), Sage Pan Gravy (D) (G), Cranberry Relish (VV)
Gourmet Mac and Cheese Station (D)(G)
Elbow Pasta Served with: Creole Shrimp Mac and Cheese (S), Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese, Mushroom, Brussels Sprouts, and Smoked Gouda (V)
Rice Bowl Station
Beef Bulgogi (G), Korean Rice, Scallions and Pickled Carrots, Sweet Potato, Kale, Mushrooms, Feta (D), Toasted Almonds (N) and Brown Rice (V), Chilled Sushi Bowl, Shrimp (S), Spicy Peanut (N), Guacamole (V) and Rice with Assorted Hot Sauces, Tamari (VV) and Black Vinegar